Services overview

Best Translators provides the highest quality and fastest service at the reasonable rates at the country. Strong experience allows us to offer a wide range of translation services.

Document Translation

Any your personal document can be translated fast and confidential. Certified translations of passport, driving licence, birth and marriage certificates, school and academical records, diplomas.

Legal Translation

If you own an international company or your business has overseas partners you may need to translate different types of legal documents like contracts, treaties, etc.

Technical Translation

If you have any texts which deal with scientific and technological information or related to technological subject areas it's a pleasure for us to help with the translation of those into required language.

Additional services

Certification of translation

Many organizations require the certified translations. The certified translation means that the translation is complete, accurate, true and correct as well as the translation has been performed to the best of the translator's ability.

Linguistic consultation

Different languages have different cultures as a basement. Our translators can find the right way that links those cultures to achieve the best goals for your business.

Layout design of texts and pictures

As an additional service for the translation, we can offer the layout design services. Translated documents will look the same as the original documents.

Rush Translation

A rush or urgent translation is a translation with a very tight deadline. If you need some translation within 24-hours, same day or overnight translations we can help you as well.

Services list

  • Document translation
  • Immigration papers translation
  • Legal translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Financial translation
  • Translation services for the tourism industry
  • Commercial translation
  • School and college transcription
  • Scientific translation
  • Manuals and user guides translation
  • Translation for banks
  • Translation for international organizations
  • Technical translation
  • Website localisation
  • Video game localisation
  • Audio and video translation
  • Software localisation
  • Medical and pharmaceutical translation
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading
  • Books translation
  • Religious texts translation
  • Subtitling translation
  • Translations for mobile devices